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Stress Less with Meditation

This practice healed my overactive mind and finally gave me back the ability to focus - both at work & on the things + people that matter to me.

There are over 30 different meditations that you can download to your devices or bookmarked - they're yours to keep! It's also complete with helpful how-to videos so you can understand what's actually happening when we meditate and why it's so helpful.

Stress Less with Breathwork

Our breath holds the key to nervous system regulation - feeling balanced and calm, even when stress happens. Here you will find practical breath tools for daily life - How can we feel calmer? More energized? Ready for sleep?

There are breath practices + helpful explanation videos and additional resources so you can build a life long habit out of breath regulation and make it your secret weapon to staying calm and collected at work, creating more executive presence and capacity to deal with the unexpected.

Stress Less with Desk Yoga

Simple stretches you can do at your desk throughout the day to make sure you're not having neck, upper back and lower back pain. I recommend bookmarking the videos in this course so you can practice them throughout your workday.

This is a favorite topic for corporate virtual retreats that I turned into a quick course with added bonuses of Ergonomic Desk Setup + Tai Chi practices (moving meditation). These sessions are always highly rated by the teams I support with wellness content!

Healing the Nervous System & Emotional Intelligence

Make your Nervous System your friend. Learn to love, listen to and value the full spectrum of your emotions + tap into the wisdom of the body.

This is currently a top request. One of my most well-received 4 part workshops is being turned into a virtual course. Make sure you are added to my email list to be first to know when this launches!

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