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If you're ready to lead in all areas of your life and create a life you actually love, book your free Clarity Call below!

About Me

Hi there! I'm Marina...

As a wellness & mindset coach for professional women I help you break through that little voice that tells you you’re not worth it and support you in creating self-care that actually helps you heal from, instead of just cope, with stress.

Over the past 5 years I’ve coached over 300 people in overcoming chronic stress and creating fulfilling careers they love using tools like breathwork, mindfulness and mind-body health practices.

Before coaching I spent 7 years as an HR consultant and program manager. I loved my companies, the teams I worked with, and the pace of life but - unfortunately - I burned out.

It took me a long time to realize that the symptoms I was living with for years were NOT normal - fatigue, brain fog, low libido, bad sleep, frequent anxiety and rumination, and hormonal problems to name just a few.

I thought this is what came with the territory of being a successful and multi-passionate New Yorker.

It wasn’t until I discovered yoga, meditation, breathwork and other mind-body health practices - that over time helped me bring down my daily stress level - that I realized how much better I can feel. This ultimately lead me to give up my 6 figure salary to focus on things I realized were most important - my health, freedom, travel and finding my real calling in life.

Today I get to live my joy - helping other women feel less stress, have more confidence, and make more money in the long run. I'm guessing you’re here because you’re ready to focus on meaningful self care (in mind, body and emotions) and own your self-worth at work.

I hope my journey serves as a reminder that you get to be calm, centered and magnetic - and you deserve to live a life that you love!

Scroll below to learn more, book your Clarity Call + find some no-cost resources to support you on your journey & become familiar with my coaching style.

I support you by combining years in personal development programs, mind-body health certifications, mental health coaching, and relevant corporate background and graduate degree in Human Resources to bring a wellness first approach to your career.

List of Certifications & Relevant Experience

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Certified 200hr RYT - Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training

  • Breathwork Fundamentals Training

  • Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP) Training

  • Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations (M.H.R.I.R.)

  • Cornell e-Certificate in Human Resources

  • Director of HR for Startups

  • Former Consultant to Fortune 500 HR Teams

  • 1.5 years as an Integration Coach in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (working alongside prescribing nurse practitioners / psychiatrists)

  • 15 different personal development & meditation programs and retreats attended

Coaching Offerings

Coaching Services

-- A wide range of coaching options for any budget --

Stress-Less Success

My Signature 1:1 Coaching Program

1:1 Coaching is the most personalized option to help you achieve your goals. We work together for a period of 3 months to help you work on all 3 pillars: physical, mental and emotional health. Along the way you're provided with live calls, messaging support, accountability, worksheets, and access to my online courses so you can consistently move your progress forward.

Example topics covered: burnout recovery, adrenal fatigue, overcoming chronic stress, healing from depression and anxiety (with lifestyle tools combined with my background in mental health), discovering your calling, advocating for a raise or a promotion at work, finding a meaningful career

Ready for coaching? Book your 45 minute intro call below. (Please note: this introductory call is only for women ready to invest in themselves. If you are still in the exploratory stage, please book your intro Coffee Chat first on my Contact page!)

Group Program -

Mid 2023

My current 8 week group program - Women Who Lead - enrolls several times per year.

For more information, check back monthly or be sure to add your name to my email list at the bottom of the page!

Topics covered: hormonal health, burnout prevention, quality sleep, overcoming impostor syndrome, cultivating executive presence, advocating for a raise / promotion, learning somatic healing tools like breathwork & other mind-body health practices + being part of a supportive community of other women working on the same life & career goals

Online Courses

My 3 current online courses offered are:



Desk Yoga

The course on Emotional Regulation is also coming soon by popular request!

Courses are always the most cost-effective option to get familiar with the wellness & stress relief tools we will deep dive on in live coaching.

Learn More About My Work & My Story

I release several new YouTube videos per month so be sure to Subscribe for future wellness content & helpful wellness practices

Interested In Booking Workshops + Virtual Events For Your Team?

View my list of topics for 22 different workshops & wellness sessions for corporate teams below. Sessions range from Positive Psychology, Stress Relief Tips, Breathwork for Busy Professionals & much more!

Whether it's a company-wide virtual wellness retreat, leadership conference, or team wellness Friday, I look forward to delivering impactful content to make a difference in your team's wellbeing.

Past Clients Include:

Stress Less Method Workshop

Wellness, Stress Relief & Nervous System Regulation

2 hours

Virtual - Zoom

Offered several times / year - check back for upcoming dates!

Workshops & Virtual Events

Upcoming Masterclass

Remember: Women can truly do anything! Start creating the life you've been calling in today.

No Cost Resources

-- Freebies for you to get to know my coaching style & receive some helpful tips right now -

Download the "Free From Stress" Workbook

The workbook is your best friend when stressful times happen. You'll learn some important things about why stress happens & the journaling will help untangle the knot of emotions you might be feeling about any current challenges.

Carve out an hour over the weekend, put pen to paper and go through the journaling prompts in the book to come up with tangible actions steps you can take to reduce your stress.

You can print it out or use your own journal!

  • Helpful Journaling Prompts

  • Unwinding the Mind from Stress

  • Understanding Why Stress Happens

Guided Meditation for Peace & Building Self-Worth

Feeling stuck in your job? Going through a challenging time?

Try this guided meditation to ground in your self-worth & feel more at peace.

Instagram Live Talks

Social Media Content

You'll find helpful tips, resources, videos interviews and live conversations on my social media channels:

More women in leadership positions = a better world

Podcasts I've Been Featured On

- Check out some of the top podcast episodes where I've been featured as a guest -

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You're Worthy of The Life You Dream Of

Featured Blogs

- Learn about my approach to coaching & wellness tools.

You'll find topics such as Breathwork, Somatic Therapy, and Mindset tools for landing a leadership role! -

What is Somatic Therapy?

In this blog I explain how somatic therapy and mind-body health practices are different from mindfulness & mindset tools.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In this blog I explain what Impostor Syndrome is, the different ways you may be feeling in relation to your career, and how to begin to overcome them to feel more confident and empowered to take action & become the leader you want to be!

Breathwork for Emotional and Somatic Healing

In this blog I explain how breathwork can be a powerful tool in healing from stress, trauma, or other heavy emotions by tapping into the wisdom of the body.

What is Solution Focused Coaching?

In this blog I explain why Solution Focused Coaching is different than traditional talk therapy & how it leaves clients empowered and ready to create major changes in life.


Empowering Women to Lead in All Areas of Life

Hear what others are saying about coaching & live workshops!

"Marina is incredible! My workplace had the pleasure of holding a virtual Stress and Resilience workshop led by her where she was wonderfully professional, personal, and thoughtful. Working from home can be tense and distracting for many of us, and it is evident that Marina thoroughly prepared for an informative and relaxing session. It was insightful listening to the scientific and physiological responses our bodies and mind have to situations, and how to equip ourselves with tools to have a healthier workplace and wellbeing. I am so glad to have been recommended to Marina and Sum of All Positive, and I highly recommend her to others! Thank you Marina!"

Mimi M., NetSuite

"High quality business workshops & events rely on engaging, skilled & knowledgeable speakers & experts. Marina delivers on all 3 points. Her workshop on Recognizing Stress & Building Resilience to our women in business community, SheConnects, was powerful, insightful and above all practical. All the women attending left with new awareness of their own experiences of stress and concrete actions & strategies to make it better. Her expertise & her compassion are clear. She's a joy to work with."

Rebecca M., SheConnects

"Marina has a contagious positive energy and working with her has been impactful. She has a wealth of knowledge on so different many accepts of wellness from spiritual to physical health. I had been a fan of her work on Instagram and I sought her coaching during a period of many transitions in my life. During our sessions, I felt relaxed and soothed because Marina has such a calm, caring presence. I loved how she focused more on the present moment and what actionable items we can do now. After the sessions with Marina, I felt optimistic and excited to try out some techniques she introduced me to. The biggest gift Marina has given me was a reminder that we have control over our own lives and there are so many tools and techniques to live life with positivity and ease."

Diana J., Clean Beauty Brand Founder

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